Leash Type

All leashes are designed for dogs weighing up to 11 pounds.

笳Nomal Type Leash笳

A very typical leash with refined lines.
Normal Type Leash

笳Cafe Type Leash笳

A perfect leash for when you visit a Cafe. This leash can be easliy fixed to a cafe chair or table.
Cafe Type Leash

笳Special Cafe Type Leash笳

The same design as the Cafe Leash but with a special handle that prevents tangling.

笳Twin Type Leash笳

This handle allows for two clip-ons and control of two seperate dogs.
Twin Type Leash

笳Bijou Leash笳

The bijou leash is made with colorful beads which are strung together with wire.
Note: The Bijou Leash is a fashion accessory and not a standard durable leash.
Purchase of this type of item is done with this point understood.

Please secure your hand through the handle of Bijou leash as illustrated below (O)
Do not hold leash as below indicated (X).
This may result in loss of control of leash and dog.

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